Directory of neobanks in Australia

Neobank Current status Highlights More
86400 Not yet launched Launching with no-fee transaction accounts. Will provide a financial dashboard feature. Will integrate with Google Pay and Apply Pay Smooth and easy landing page signup experience
Douugh Not yet launched Will provide a financial dashboard. Will provide a lot of savings and spending automation. Will have a “personal financial assistant” featureLooking like a solid SaaS product. Helpful site loaded with information.
Pelikin Not yet launched At this stage, nothing more than a travel money card. Don't think they really want to be a neobank. Tight landing page but am wary of any site that talks about their product being 'free'
Revolut Not yet launched Personal accounts with international transaction functionality. Budgeting and currency conversion in built. Have a crypto wallet too. Experienced player with 3 million European customers. Expect them to launch with a slick product while the others are fine-tuning theirs.
Up Bank Live Clean dashboard and interface. Focus is on different buckets from your expenses and spare change roundups. Promised a 3 minute signup process. Didn't happen because I got stuck forever on the occupation screen. For some reason, a digital bank had no option for any tech/digital roles. A big stumble straight out of the blocks for Up Bank.
volt bank Not yet launched Doesn't say what it will launch with. The usual promises of simplicity, ease for the user and shiny new tech. Don't be fooled by the lightweight site, they've got a good first-cut app out there.
Xinja Not yet launched First product is a prepaid debit card iOS app is live No Android app yet Site is light on details but heavy on cool factor.

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