Directory of neobanks in Australia


Status: Live

86400 banking products

  1. Transaction account
  2. Savings account

86400 features

  1. Financial dashboard to track all your financial products
  2. Reminds you of upcoming bill payments

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Status: Not yet launched

Douugh features

  1. Will provide a financial dashboard.
  2. Will provide savings and spending automation.
  3. Will have a “personal financial assistant”
  4. Looking like a solid SaaS product.

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Status: Limited release

  1. Personal accounts with international transactions
  2. Budgeting tool
  3. Currency conversion
  4. Crypto wallet

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Up Bank

Status: Live

Up Bank banking products

  1. Transaction account
  2. Sub-accounts/Buckets linked to the main account

Up Bank features:

  1. Lots of emojis
  2. Spare change roundup to save to your buckets
  3. Free international currency transactions
  4. Strong foreign exchange rate game

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Volt Bank

Status: Not yet launched

Volt Bank features:

Nothing concrete mentioned yet

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Status: Not yet launched

Xinja bank products:

  1. Prepaid international travel card

Xinja bank features

Nothing really stands out

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Neobank Current status Standout feature
86400Live Reminds you of upcoming bills
DouughNot yet launched Could be the first-of-its-kind banking Saas product
RevolutLimited release Experienced player with 3 million European customers. Expect them to launch with a slick product while the others are fine-tuning theirs.
Up BankLive "Millennial friendly" aka we have GIFs and memes
volt bankNot yet launched Nothing yet
XinjaNot yet launched Nothing yet

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