Signing up for Revolut’s waitlist – A first impression

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I knew that signing up for Revolut would not be like the others. Revolut has been running with incredible success (read 3 million+ users across Europe) and are now prepping for their Australia launch.

And their landing page did not disappoint. It oozes the confidence of a team taking the field knowing that they’ve been playing at the premier level while their competition has just been getting their junior league kit on.

Revolut: Banking automation & spare change roundup

Signing up for Revolut |

While Douugh’s play looks to be in the personal finance SaaS field, Revolut is focused on doing personal banking well. Their feature list differs from the others because they actually have features live and running. It makes it easier to describe a feature when it’s been running live with 3 million people.

Spare change roundups have now become commonplace so it’s not surprising to see that Revolut has that feature as well.

Revolut: Honest about pricing

The biggest complain that I had about Pelikin was the way they handled pricing. In that they kept insisting that everything about their product is free, which made me question their honesty because, well, it’s impossible for a product, let alone a banking product to be free.

If anything, they could learn from Revolut in how to be honest about your pricing. The fee section explains how they charge from international currency conversions and money transfers. Customers don’t mind paying for a service, what they don’t like is banks not being honest about their charges.

Signing up for Revolut |

Oh and they do crypto too!

While this is not something that is mentioned on their landing page, it was hard to miss it when they launched the service a couple of years ago. Revolut users will be able to purchase and hold cryptocurrency within their app. Mix their spare change roundup feature along with buying cryptocurrency and you have the perfect 21st century investment vehicle.

Revolut waitlist: Final thoughts

Revolut is currently just asking for an email address.

Signing up for Revolut |

The information on their site has been distilled for having been in the game for three years now. They have probably run enough test to find the right balance needed to get users to sign up, which will make signing up for Revolut an easy decision to make.

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