Signing up for the 86400 waitlist – A first impression

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signing up for 86400 | Neobanks in Australia

First question that comes to mind when signing up for 86400: What’s 86400? Turns out 86400 is the number of seconds in a day. Neobank 86400 promises to put you first for all 86400 seconds of every day.

Neil Patel’s anatomy of a perfect landing page consists of a strong headline, secondary headline and a clear, concise call-to-action. 86400’s landing page has a clear value proposition, secondary information and a clear call to action. You’re immediately hooked

86400: Features

No branches. Yes financial dashboard

86400 won’t offer branches, which won’t come as a surprise to anyone. What is very exciting to hear is that they do plan to offer a financial dashboard service. So we’re going to be able to connect all our existing bank accounts (which was high on my wishlist) to their app, which they would offer insights on (also on my wishlist).

No fees- But what about ATMs?

86400 will also offer free transaction accounts that work with Google Pay, Samsung Pay and the rest, which as feature offerings is at par with not offering bank branches.

What they aren’t clear about though is while the accounts are going to be free, will we be charged for using ATMs. While neobank users probably wouldn’t use cash anyway, it’s still unfair to penalise me for getting a tattoo.

Easy signup form. Few buzzwords

signing up for 86400 | Neobanks in Australia

Clean, neat and easy and very Typeform-esque. In addition to my name, email and phone number, they asked for my current bank(s) and my phone type. Bonus points for not capturing unnecessary information at this stage – Already running better than a bank.

And a grand bonus for the lack of buzzwords. I don’t recall seeing the following words anywhere on the site:

  • AI
  • Machine learning
  • Disruption
  • Taking the fight to the big banks

The first thing that you read about 86400 is what you want to leave with: They plan to provide value to their users.

signing up for 86400 | Neobanks in Australia

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