Signing up for the Douugh waitlist – A first impression

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Signing up for Douugh waitlist | Neobanks in Australia

Douugh’s landing page starts with the message: “Helping you live financially healthier.”

So there’s will be at least one neobank looking to take a crack at solving user problems from the start.

Douugh: A financial dashboard

Helping users with their financial well-being was a key wishlist item for me. Reason being that that’s how neobanks could immediately stand apart from traditional banks. And the first step in understanding a user’s financial well-being is by offering a financial dashboard – something that Douugh will offer as a launch feature.

Douugh: Less bank, more SaaS

Douugh is setting itself up to be a financial SaaS rather than a “digital bank”.

Start with automation

User can connect all their bank accounts to Douugh – thus creating your financial dashboard (or a they’re calling it: Financial control centre.)

You will then be able to automate your spending goals – definitely useful for monthly bills. So I’m guessing that every time the salary comes in, Douugh will work out how much money you have to spend once you’re done paying rent, bills, groceries, utilities and gym fees. And based on your spending habits, recommend an achievable savings goal.

Become a platform

What’s exciting about Douugh is that their grand plan is to become a marketplace platform.  That’s another indication that they are actually looking to solve user problems.

By allowing third-party developers to build tools and apps for Douugh, they are providing more features for their software. And doing it this way is faster and more effective than trying to build everything themselves.

More importantly, this is valuable for Douugh users who get to pick and choose services and features that they want, which enhances their overall experience. And that’s in-line with their motto of helping users with their financial well-being.

Sophie will be there to nudge you

Douugh will also include a notification and alert feature wrapped up in the interface of a personal financial assistant.

Signing up for the Douugh waitlist | Neobanks in Australia

I’m looking forward to the automation aspects of Sophie. If Sophie is able to recalibrate my roadmap every time I take an unexpected turn, then what Douugh is proposing would be a banking experience that’s truly unique, and customised for every user.

Douggh waitlist signup: Final thoughts

At this stage, Douugh is just asking for an email address.

Their site has a lot of very useful information about their plans, the product features and their vision. They don’t waste time on buzzwords and are not trying to be cool. If this landing page experience was anything to go by, I’m expecting their product to be slick, easy-to-use and genuinely helpful in managing my personal finances.

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